About: 2 babies. 2 mamas. 10,000 thoughts.

Think of this blog as a modern take on the consciousness raising groups of the Women’s Lib movement. Any topic might come up, but the real goal is to create community around the experiences so many of us share– as parents, as non-traditional families, as students or teachers or feminists or birth workers. Any of these are topics that might show up on my blog, but I hope my readers will use the comments to bring in your own thoughts and experiences and insights!

I am a firm believer in intersectionality– the idea that we cannot divorce any one of our identities from the others, to say I am only a woman today, or I am only a lesbian on Wednesdays. I am all of me, all the time. However, in any given situation, certain identities may be more or less salient. Lately, for me, my identities as a lesbian, a mother, and a student of anthropology are high on my list. As a student I study birth and maternity, so the fact that I am a doula factors in frequently. Other things you might find as you peruse my blog are that I am a knitter, though my knitting time has been severely depleted by having a baby (though it’s totally worth it), I have several pets (4 cats and a dog!), and I am a doctoral student in Biocultural Medical Anthropology with the long term goal of landing a job as a tenure track professor at a research university. I will also be training as a certified professional midwife (CPM) as part of my research and plan to practice in addition to/in conjunction with my work at whatever university I land on in the future. 

Most of all, though, I hope you find a sense of acceptance and community in this blog. May it be a space to find safety with others who are like you, or to expand your horizons by interacting with people who are very different. So drop by, say hello, and join in!


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  1. Hi dear, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please check my post when you can. Cheers.

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    1. buggleboo says:

      Wow, thank you so much! šŸ˜€

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      1. You are welcome šŸ™‚

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  2. Wow you are very busy and interesting! I would love to read your posts and follow along!

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    1. buggleboo says:

      Welcome! Thanks for reading!

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      1. I would love to follow along and hear about your interesting life! Please come visit my blog as well

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