Running, day 2


Took me a while to get to day 2, as I had finals and grading and then a spring break full of kid time (mine and swap friends!). Yesterday, swap friend and I took the kiddos (my two, her three) on a 1.3 mile walk to get lattes. We met another friend at the coffee shop and walked back with her additional two while she went to an appointment. Two mamas and 7 kiddos, tromping down the road. Fun times! I didn’t run but I got some steps in, at least! 

Today Linnea and I took a run while Darwin was playing with Grandma. It was a mediocre run, at best, but I did it! Map My Run didn’t save my workout today for some reason, so I don’t know my time but it was the same 1.03 mile loop as last time, presumably between 15-20 minutes. I walked more/ran less than last time, and Linnea screamed almost the whole time. But I got out there and ran even though I didn’t really feel like it. Yay me. 

I’ve also been mostly off of sugar. I haven’t been eating sweets and while I haven’t been super vigilant about hidden sugar I have been making an effort to avoid it in things where I know it lurks (peanut butter, for example). It’s amazing how much better I feel. My energy is better and my achey joints and sore back and even my plantar fascitis are improved. It’s inspiring me to try other dietary changes, but I’m working up to them slowly. I’ll post more about them later, but suffice to say I feel like I’m actually able to take care of my body these days, and it’s a good feeling. Hooray! (And my milk production, which had dropped a bit at the end of the term due to stress, has increased again! Big relief there! Not sure if that’s about being on break or about food stuff or both, but regardless I’ll take it!)

Break has gone too quickly and I don’t feel ready to go back on Monday, but I’m hopeful that my new self-care initiatives help me get through the next 10 weeks in better form. Here’s hoping! 


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