4 and 5 months


Well I’m terribly behind in updating and have to admit that the election really had me in a haze there and I can’t remember much of what I wanted to share about Linnea’s 4 month accomplishments. I’m sorry, future Linnea (and future MamaLee). Please trust that I was very excited and proud of whatever it was you were up to that month. You and your sister were the bright spot in a very difficult time.

But 5 months! 5 months has already been exciting. Linnea was last weighed on Monday, November 28, less than a week before her 5 month ‘birthday’ and she was 19 lb 6 oz and in the 98th percentile for weight. Holy moly! We grow ’em big around here. She was 27″ long and in the 99th percentile for length. Her development, according to the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, is right on track.

Since last I posted, Linnea has hit some milestones!

On Thanksgiving, she had her first solid food– sweet potatoes! She was sitting in my lap while I ate and kept grabbing at my food so I gave her a tiny bit (from the inside, without all the sugar and pineapple juice) and she was a HUGE fan! With Darwin we intended to wait until 6 months to start solid food but started a week or two earlier. With Linnea I intended to wait until “at least 5 months” but didn’t quite make that, either. But the pediatrician told me that it is perfectly fine to start offering fruits and veggies, especially if she’s showing such interest, and just to hold off on offering proteins until about 7 months. So she’s now had sweet potato, mashed banana (meh), pears (HUGE hit, but seemed to make her gassy), and baby cereal mixed with breast milk (possibly her favorite so far). Oh, and a piece of steamed broccoli that she nommed on before throwing it on the floor and letting the dog finish off. It’s been kind of nice, though, since although food is mostly just a fun activity rather than a real system for getting nutrients into her, it does give me a tool for when I leave her with other people– since she has never really taken a bottle. In fact she’s with a friend right now (also Darwin’s first babysitter!) and I was able to leave a few ounces of pumped milk and some cereal, just in case. Linnea is clearly going to be a foodie, just like her mamas.

A little after 5 months hit (I can’t remember the exact day, though I’m pretty sure I wrote it down somewhere), Linnea got her first tooth. She’d been drooling pretty impressively so I knew it was coming, but it finally popped through. Now she has one sharp little nubbin that she wields like a mouth-dagger. I gave her the broccoli just the other night and she managed to scrape little florets off before sharing with the dog. She has also been suuuuper excited about her teething toys. She attacks them like a tiny shark. It’s adorable.

Finally, mobility! Linnea is determined to start crawling before the new year. She is already a pro at the backwards scoot, often finding herself trapped under various pieces of furniture. The other day we were at a friend’s house and we all ended up in the dining room– until we realized Linnea wasn’t with us. One of the adults went back to the living room and found her under the couch. Despite her increasing efficiency at moving backwards, it’s clear she would prefer to move in the opposite direction. She has been spending a lot of time getting up onto hands and knees and rocking, as if she’s trying to get the momentum to launch herself forward– a clear precursor to crawling. And then last night, I found her on her hands and feet. It was the tiniest downward dog I’ve ever seen! I tried to get a picture but she stopped as soon as I got my phone out and then didn’t do it again until right after I put it away (of course). So as apprehensive as I am at having a baby that can actually move (Darwin didn’t crawl until around 9 months, remember, and walked around 13 months) and all the additional baby-proofing we’ll probably have to do, it is kind of exciting to watch her work so hard on figuring out how to reach her goals.

This second baby thing is kind of neat in that way. With Darwin, everything she did was new and mind blowing but I was less aware of the process that went into each new ability. Now, I am able to see both the similarities and the differences between the two girls, and it helps me be more aware of what Linnea is up to. Having watched how hard Darwin worked to learn to jump, I am more aware of the effort and dedication Linnea is putting in to learn to crawl. It’s pretty gratifying, from a mama point of view.

Finally, laughing. I can’t actually remember when this happened either, and to be honest Linnea doesn’t laugh very often despite being a very smiley baby. But, tickling aside (when she doesn’t laugh so much as grunt maniacally), the thing that gets her laughing those adorable baby belly laughs is (and I totally called this one, months ago) her sister– especially when Darwin is being particularly active. It’s like Linnea knows that this is exactly what she’s working towards. I noticed it first when Linnea was on the bed and Darwin came and started bouncing and then jumping/landing on her cute little bum, and Linnea just started giggling, harder and harder every time Darwin landed next to her. Then yesterday we were out walking and Darwin started running. As much joy as I get while watching my sweet girl run in her sparkly shoes with her blond hair streaming out behind her, it’s nothing compared to the delight exhibited by Linnea’s laugh. It was a beautiful and precious moment.

We are flying out on Sunday to go to Wisconsin for 10 days, but with any luck I will post again in a few weeks as Linnea hits the big 6 month mark on January 4! In the meantime, I wish you all a very happy Solstice, and if you celebrate other winter holidays I hope they are full of warmth and light as well.

And now that I have squandered most of my baby-free time (Darwin is at grandma’s and Linnea, as  mentioned above, is at a dear friend’s house), I will go and try to be at least a little productive. Wish me luck!


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  1. Caitlin says:

    Wow! I’m so impressed that L is so close to crawling! Our daughter does those adorable belly laughs a lot, but especially when our nanny’s 3 year-old bounces around in front of her. Something about those wiggly toddlers is so funny to the babies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. buggleboo says:

      Haha right? It’s such fun. I love watching babies interact with older kids.


  2. Molly says:

    I’m amazed that she’s so close to full mobility! Maybe having a sibling to keep up with adds some incentive. Have a wonderful, safe trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. buggleboo says:

      Yeah I suspect big sister has something to do with it. I know Darwin was in the mid to late range for mobility, but I wasn’t quite prepared for this early!


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