To clarify


I’m not trying to compare my kids to Jesus any more than I would compare anyone else’s kids to any other religious figure. I’m just saying I think the sun shines out their diapers (or undies, in Darwin’s case) and they make me glad to be alive. I think all kids are holy in ways that make me feel weird because I’m not religious. On the Christmas Eve night that we dedicated Darwin, the reverend of our Unitarian Universalist fellowship spoke about how every night that a child is born is a holy night. That’s what I mean. I don’t mean Darwin is here to save the world (although she did refer to herself as a superhero the other day, so maybe she has info I’m not yet privy to). I just mean she and her sister *became* my world, the moment they existed. 


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  1. lkway says:

    I got what you meant! I mean, I think I did. I firmly believe children show us glimpses into the world to come and that’s a whole level of holiness right there. Also there’s this song “And the Youth Shall See Visions” that makes bawl every time I hear it and its kind of on a similar note.

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  2. Molly says:

    I feel the same way about Charlotte.

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