5 things


This has been a big week! 

1. Potty training. Darwin is not potty trained by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s been doing a great job wearing her undies and peeing in the potty as long as we remind her regularly. If we aren’t on it every 45 minutes or so then she’s prone to accidents, but overall it’s going so well! Since I’ve been doing a lot of the childcare each week (see Rachel’s post about letting our nanny go), I’ve been able to keep the momentum going. I’m hoping that an intensive weekend of pottying will bring us home. 

2. Rolling over! Linnea has finally made it all the way from back to front (though she hasn’t figured out how to get that pesky arm out from under her once she gets there). Unlike Darwin, Linnea loves tummy time and is perfectly happy to stay there, but she’s also figured out how to go from tummy to back. She’s nowhere near crawling, of course, but when on her belly she’ll move arms and legs in ways that are clearly precursors to mobility. 

3. Getting dressed. The other day, Rachel was helping Darwin get dressed and tried to put her socks on for her. Unsurprisingly, Darwin insisted on doing it herself. Rachel said ok, let me know when you need help! And went to continue her own morning routine. A minute or two layer, Darwin trotted out of the nursery with both socks on! Then, just this morning, I watched her put her pants on by herself. She needed an initial reminder to start with the waist (she tries to put her feet in starting at the cuffs) but then did the rest herself. So grownup! 

4. Laughing! Linnea laughed for the first time this week! Just like big sister, the impetus for her first laugh was a sneeze. ♡ Since then I’ve been able to coax a chuckle by pretending to laugh, myself. It’s hit or miss- I think I’ve heard her laugh 2 or 3 times total, despite frequent attempts on my part- but it’s so gratifying. The first time, I laughed in delight and then promptly started crying. 

5. Religion. I took part in a colleague’s study on family structure this week. One of the questions was about what makes my family different from others. I related a story about how a friend said after Darwin’s birth that “This is the child that humanity has been waiting for,” and how that always made me think of Jesus or something. And I didn’t realize it until I said it, but I told her that I do feel that way about my kids. My kids are my spirituality. They are what make me feel like I have a larger purpose, like I am part of something bigger. I used to say the Moonlight Sonata was proof that god exists but I was wrong. Kids are. 


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