End of the Fourth Trimester

Monday marked the day that Linnea turned 13 weeks old, and Tuesday was 3 months. We are officially out of the fourth trimester by any count! In the past month, we’ve seen some incredible developments. Linnea has grown (a lot) and seems to have come into herself in a really fun way. I’m not sure what her length measurement is by now, but Rachel weighed her this morning and she’s a whopping 16 lb 6.5 oz! For reference, we thought Darwin was a big baby, and she was 17 lb at 4 months. I love my little chubber! Just look at those cheeks!


Although Linnea doesn’t roll over yet (Rachel saw her do it once very early on, but once the kiddo started packing on the pounds it hasn’t happened again) she does love tummy time and does the kicking, wiggling thing that looks like she’s trying to crawl.

She has also started reaching and grabbing for things– including toys, hair, even a piece of yarn around my wrist. She is also putting everything she can into her mouth, and is drooling like mad. I’m praying she waits to start teething a little later than her big sister did (4 1/2 months)!


School started up for me again a few weeks ago, and Linnea has been accompanying me to campus almost every day. Some days are better than others in terms of getting work done, but so far I’m making it work. Here she is with my friend/colleague/doula/officemate.


I only have to be away from her for a few hours on Tuesday and Thursday while I’m in class. It was soo hard to leave her the first time, but it’s been getting easier– for me, anyway. Apparently she spends most of her MamaRae time screaming and waking up Darwin from nap. So that’s cool. -_-


The fact that I get to parent a pair of sisters still doesn’t fail to thrill me. The fact that Darwin still seems to love being a big sister fills me with utter joy. Today we were at the childcare swap and N picked up Linnea’s favorite toy. Darwin started to throw a fit, saying “That’s for LINNEA!” and took the toy and gave it to her sister. Protective older sister much? But look how cute they are together! Darwin loves to interact with Linnea and is rewarded with lots of smiles and eye contact.


Favorites right now:
Music: Bach’s 2 and 3 part inventions
Toy: This “apple” thing that really looks nothing like an apple but has lots of pieces to hang on to and drool on
Book: Art for Baby


And off topic, but Darwin started gymnastics last week! We couldn’t get her in to swim (baby swim class fills up so stinkin’ fast!) so I decided to try something new. So far she loves it! Here are a couple of pictures of her being adorable on the balance beam at her first class:


Ok they’re blurry and you can’t see her face but I still think she’s cute! And here are some pictures from Darwin’s second birthday, just cause:

Playing in the sand table! Love this kiddo so much!

It’s a good life. Maybe one day I’ll write more than just a monthly update, but even if I don’t, having just this much is so beautiful and I’m glad to have it documented. Thanks for being witness to it.♡


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  1. Molly says:

    She is just so dang adorable. I love that Darwin is connecting with her. We probably won’t have another, but if we did I would totally want another girl because like you said–sisters. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. buggleboo says:

      Right? Sisters are the best. I bet Charlotte would love being a big sister. 😉 But yeah as much as I love Linnea in her own (obviously), often my favorite part is watching them together.


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