2 months


On Sunday Linnea turned 2 months old, and yesterday was 9 weeks.I am now to the point of feeling like she’s been here a lot longer than that, which is only reinforced by the fact that she seems older in some ways. A few days ago I weighed her and she was 13 lb 3.5 oz- about 4 1/2 lb up from birth weight- and though I don’t have a recent length measurement, she just seems so long! Her first pediatrician appointment is next week, so I’ll have updated measurements (with percentiles- my favorite part!). She’s also been very intent on holding her head up from the very beginning, and though I can’t really remember when that’s really supposed to take off, I’m pretty sure Darwin wasn’t doing it to the same extent this point, though I’m sure Rachel will correct me if she remembers differently. 😉

Linnea is a fun baby, though. She’s smiley and loves to interact with people. She has started cooing in the past few weeks, and I just love to hear her little voice. She’s  recently started vocalizing while nursing which I find entirely hilarious and charming. She loves her mobile, her Freddie Firefly toy, and the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She’s also become enchanted with her big sister, and will track Darwin as she walks around the room, even craning her neck while nursing in order to continue watching what her sibling is up to. Luckily, the admiration seems mutual and Darwin is gentle and sweet with her baby “Winnea.” 

I finally learned how to use my woven wrap and have been enjoying this new (to me) kind of baby wearing. She seems to love it as well, and snuggles right in. In fact, her best naps are in the wrap. She’s always liked being worn in the Tula or the Moby, but the woven wrap brings her even closer, it seems, and I think it offers more neck and head support. She will sleep in the wrap for hours while I go about my business, and since it keeps her well up off my hips, I can move around more easily and even sit down and bend over than in the soft structured carriers like the Tula or Ergo. Anyway, I’m just really excited to have learned how to use this wrap, and am now inspired to learn more carries and maybe even go to a meeting of the local baby wearing group like the social butterfly I am (not).

Baby wearing has come in very handy this month, as we had our first vacation as a family of four and took the girls on a plane for the first time. More on the trip in another post, but overall they are great travelers! The other reason the baby wearing has been so great, though, is that while on vacation Linnea started having some bouts of uncontrolled screaming/crying. It’s so much easier to bounce and walk with an upset baby when your arms are used for patting and comforting rather than the major part of holding and supporting. I’m fairly certain the crying and screaming was a combination of gas and stress. We’ve had some of these incidents since being home but they seem to resolve faster than while we were sharing a house with 8 other people, so I think she was picking up on my stress which was compounded by being in an unfamiliar space where I didn’t have my regular resources and things at my disposal. Being home, having ultimate control over what and when I eat, and being on a regular schedule again seem to have helped- if nothing else, they help me cope when she does have a scream fest. 

Not that being in Maine was all bad… 

Overall, I still feel like she’s a pretty easy baby and am enjoying my summer with her immensely. By the time she hits 3 months I’ll be back in school, so I’m trying to really appreciate the unstructured, uninterrupted time I still have with my little one. 

Enjoying the mobile

Relaxing at the lake house

Trying hard to roll over

General cuteness


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  1. lkway says:

    Omg every picture is cuter!!! She was tooting up a storm when I held her on Sunday- I was quite impressed!

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