Holy cow it’s been a month! 


This was supposed to post yesterday but the pictures wouldn’t upload. Forgive me for being a day late. 

Linnea is a month old! At last measure, she was 23 1/2 inches (increase of 2″ since birth!) and in the 99th percentile for length, and 9 lb 13 oz (increase of a pound exactly since birth). I can’t remember the percentile but I think it was in the high sixties. She’s growing like a weed and I am clearly destined to be the shortest one in the family again (all my sisters are taller than I am).

Linnea is holding her head up for longer and longer durations and her limb movements are a little less jerky and “marionette-like.” She still startles at pretty much everything. She’s a super chill baby though she has decided, like her sister before her, that car seats are of the devil. Her response is less intense than Darwin’s ever was, though, and she will sometimes fall asleep or wear herself out whereas Dar could keep it up for hours. To be fair, we haven’t gone on any long car rides with Nea yet but we’ll have the chance to test it out in a few weeks when we drive up to Portland  (about 2 hours) then fly to Boston  (about 5-6 hours) then drive to Maine (not sure- maybe another 5 hours?). So… yay? 

In any case, Linnea is still basically perfect and we all enjoy her so much. She’s starting to show signs of smiling, and it looks like she got my dimple. She loves her sister (who adores her). *side story- as I write this, Linnea is in her bouncy chair next to me. She made a little squawk and I looked over and said, “hi! How ya doing?” And Darwin piped up, “Linnea’s good.” So we’re to the point of Big Sister speaking for Little Sister, which is kind of adorable but I didn’t expect it just yet! 

Linnea also loves her Tula, and in fact the best way to keep her happy without sticking a boob in her mouth is to put her in the Tula (the Moby and ring sling just won’t do) and walk around. The only problem is that she inevitably wants to nurse as soon as I get get into it. Luckily the Tula is pretty user friendly and easier to get on/off without help than some of our other carriers. 

She continues to be a great nurser and I’m still getting way more sleep than I thought was possible with an infant. Things around here are seeming pretty good. ♡

BONUS: which baby wore it best? 


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  1. lkway says:

    The cuteness! When we saw her last week I could not get over how much longer she seemed. And the toes!!!

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  2. AmyApplesnail says:

    So cute!! Love that scowl 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AWWW!! Look at those babies! Both of them are so darn big! And adorable!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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