Update – I’m crying all the time


So I’m at 34 weeks and 3 days today. The past few weeks haven’t been bad, in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve also been just feeling under the weather and (just ask Rachel if you don’t believe me) suuuper whiny. Something hurts or is uncomfortable pretty much always, and laying down is really the only position that doesn’t make me really grouchy. Of course, it’s hard to clean the house or do homework or parent when laying down all the time (or even stay awake), so I’ve been fairly useless.

I’ve also been super emotional. Some of this is explainable due to events and circumstances in my life (many of you have read about my mommy issues, for example, which have not resolved or improved) but the rest I’m just chalking up to hormones. Every sweet human interest story, every good poem, every picture my sister sends of my new (15 days old today!) nephew gets me teared up, sometimes crying outright, sometimes bawling my eyes out. It’s overwhelming.

The end of the term is upon me, as well, and sometimes that makes me cry– not out of sadness, just out of pure exhaustion. It’s been a difficult term, schedule-wise, anyway, with a 4 hour evening class (4pm til 8 pm, really? Who thought that was a good idea?), an evening dance class, and Darwin’s evening swim class. I cook dinner about once or twice a week, tops, and then wonder why my produce keeps going bad. I’ve mostly been living on protein shakes and cold cereal when at home, because that’s all the energy I have to put into food prep. I’m done with the 4 hour class after tonight, though– it meets Mondays, so our last week is cancelled since it lands on Memorial Day, and I’ve already turned in my final paper and project. So the next two weeks will be solely for focusing on Human Evolution and grading papers for the class I teach. This is great, since Evo is the class I’ve been struggling with the most. Not the concepts, just the sheer number of details to remember. I have a paper due next week on the evolution of pelvic morphology and its biological and cultural implications for birth (birth mechanism as well as things like obligate midwifery) in Australopiths, Neandertals, and anatomically modern humans. It’s actually really fun and exciting to research (because I am a HUGE NERD), but the thought of sitting down and writing the paper is exhausting, and there’s *so much* research on the topic that, for a relative beginner in this field, it’s hard to know what to include. And anyone who knows me knows that I am high context, which means I always feel the need to know and include the WHOLE STORY because without every detail I don’t feel like I know what’s going on. Which makes me an excellent researcher, but realllly draws out the process. And it’s not like this is my dissertation, it’s just a term paper. Calm down, Leah, a done paper is better than a perfect paper.

In better news, I got an osteopathic adjustment about a week ago and OH MY GOD WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS EARLIER. I had thought the pelvic pain I was experiencing was just a part of pregnancy. Not so! I haven’t been able to walk this well in months. Since probably my first trimester. I’m experiencing discomfort now that I am pretty sure is simply due to relaxin and loosening ligaments, but none of the pain that made me literally unable to walk beyond an uneven hobble some days. Best part? It was free. The sole male student in my Reproductive Justice class also happens to be a DO and heard me complaining about my pain one night, and offered to give me an adjustment. He came to my house, fixed me up, and was on his way. It was amazing. I had a body full of sore muscles for about 2-3 days, but even sore I felt better than I had in ages.

So really, things are pretty good. I don’t have anything to complain about, when I really lay it all out, but I still keep complaining (sorry Rachel). I think I’m just tired and looking to the end of this term, end of this pregnancy, and feeling overwhelmed. I have to go meet a friend for coffee, but maybe next time I’ll tell you about the complete disarray that is my house at the moment, as Rachel tries to take on all the home repair/ renovations on her own (since I’m pretty much useless on that count these days).

Oh, and here’s a picture. I think I was 33 + 5 or 6 here. I’m gonna try to get weekly pics from here on out! Getting close to the end…!

2016-05-23 09.09.12


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  1. AmyApplesnail says:

    Ohh the emotional rollercoaster that is pregnancy 😛 hope your cries are balanced with lots of happy times too. I’m jealous of the free osteopathic adjustment. I think I am going to have to hunt down an osteopath or physiotherapist or SOMETHING pretty soon. That pelvic/hip pain is super annoying!

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    1. buggleboo says:

      Yeah I’ve actually been kind of caught off guard by the emotional stuff because it really wasn’t bad for so long. I always assumed it would show up in the first trimester if it was going to at all!
      And yeah I definitely recommend the D.O. if you can find a good one. It was much more useful than any chiropractic adjustment I’ve ever had, too, though I could see a lot of overlap in approach if not actual technique. I’m still having some back pain but I was shocked (pleasantly so) how useful just one adjustment was! I’m a convert, lol.

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  2. lkway says:

    Oooh, we love our DO- they have been INCREDIBLY supportive and helpful with discomfort that others just brush off or say I should just deal with.

    Let us cook you a meal! Lucas is out of town during the week, but we can always send you over a tupperware on a Saturday or Sunday. We have lots of squash!


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