21 weeks and 2 days

21 weeks hasn’t been very eventful. I went to a conference on Friday where I presented part of what came from my master’s research (this time it was alternative definitions of safety for women in Ireland who chose home birth) with my advisor/midwife in the front row- the first time I’ve presented anything in front of her since my actual thesis defense. It was nerve racking but ultimately went well.

Last Tuesday we had our 20 week prenatal; it went well but there’s not really anything new to report. I’m probably deficient in calcium and magnesium so I’ve added those to my regimen and am stepping up the effort to actually take my prenatal vitamins regularly. I’ve continued to eat bacon though other meats are still not particularly appealing. I plan to experiment with some chicken curry this week, but overall am just following my body’s cues on this front. Other than bacon, I’m most obsessed with cereal, especially cheerios, and milk. I drank half a gallon of whole milk in 24 hours this weekend. Probably related to the cal/mag deficiency, but also possibly about fat/protein, so I’m adding coconut oil to my foods and am trying to pay attention to making sure I’m getting enough protein. Tofu, tempeh, and the possible chicken are all on the menu this week for dinner, in addition to eggs and the inevitable bacon for breakfasts. Lunches have mostly been leftovers so as long as I’m planning good dinners i should be covered there as well.


I’ve put on a pound since the prenatal, leaving me at a solid 6 pounds over prepregnancy weight. It’s a lot less than I anticipated I would be by this point, but the baby is growing on track and I’m feeling good so I’m guessing it’s about eating well and exercising more rather than any concern about baby’s growth.


Names continue to be hard, even now that we only have to think about girl names. We really set the bar kind of high for our first go-round (I’m absolutely in love with Darwin Hazel and it fits her so well!) so now I’m feeling the pressure to come up with something just as good. We want a name that means something (either etymologically or as a tribute to someone awesome) and we don’t want a name that’s in the top 100. Personally I prefer names that aren’t in the top 500 but that’s harder.

Speaking of Darwin Hazel, she continues to be amazing. Her language is incredible; she spoke an entire, grammatically correct sentence the other morning, complete with articles. “Thank you for the cracker.” It was so exciting! She also regularly says words that I didn’t even know she knew, and she continues to parrot pretty much everything we say. She is funny, and is beginning to make jokes (I wish I could remember what she did the other morning that was so hilarious- maybe Rachel will jog my memory).


She went through a phase of not wanting to give hugs or kisses which was sad (but I was also really proud of her for exercising her autonomy) but that has rebounded with vigor, as she has been suuuper snuggly over the past couple of days. I miss her on my long days on campus. The conference was hard as I spent the night at a friend/colleague’s house the night before as we were carpooling to the conference and leaving at 6 am. I was able to catch an early ride home with one of my co-panelists so the all day trip to Portland ended up being just a morning away from Darwin and I was able to spend much of the afternoon with her (after Rachel corralled her long enough for me to have a nap).

All in all things are good. The term is almost over, which means I am simultaneously relieved that there’s not much left and panicked by all the things I have to finish in a rapidly dwindling amount of time. In fact, on that note, I’d better stop procrastinating and go do those things instead…


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  1. Molly says:

    You look great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. buggleboo says:

      Aw thank you! 🙂


  2. Caitlin says:

    I’m super jealous of your 6 lb gain. At nearly double that, and 3 weeks behind you, I already feel like a house!

    As for calcium, I read some super interesting articles about getting calcium from egg shells, if you’re interested. Good calcium supplements are expensive, and I don’t think our bodies absorb most of the cheap calcium supplements. So, eggshells that are being composted are a good resource! I’ll let you know if I follow through. I have a few shells waiting in my refrigerator.

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    1. buggleboo says:

      Fascinating, would be very interested in hearing about that! Thanks!


    2. buggleboo says:

      Oh and also, I started out quite overweight. I don’t know where you are in all that but don’t feel bad just cause we’re on different trajectories! I actually gained something like 6 lbs in the first tri but then got noro virus over Christmas and lost most of it. Then at the beginning of the year is when I made major dietary changes due to the A1C issue and I think that’s where most of the slow gain has come from.


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