10 weeks ago, today

10 weeks ago today, I found out I was pregnant. I still sometimes can’t quite believe it, but it’s starting to feel more real. I’ve been terrible about posting updates, I know, but here’s a little recap. At the bottom I’ve copied and pasted the 12 week update questions that Rachel put together about me on her blog (LittleRainbowBug).

First trimester mostly meant lots of fatigue and nausea for me. I threw up a lot, especially on days I had class. Go figure. The most memorable time was when I had to run out of class just before I was supposed to give a presentation on my term project. Then I came back and ate one of the donuts that the professor had brought in for the last day of class, while my friend rolled her eyes and looked at me incredulously. She doesn’t understand my ability to always eat donuts, but c’mon. It’s a donut. It needed me.

At 11 1/2 weeks, we had our first prenatal appointment, at my midwife’s house. Usually we would do those at my own home, but she lives near campus and we were there anyway, so I laid on her couch while she palpated my uterus and Darwin played with her daughter’s toys. Best of all, we got to hear the heartbeat! It took several tries since the little Bumblebee kept hiding behind the uterine artery, making it hard to hear anything but my own very loud pulse. But we finally got it, and it was magical. I hadn’t realized the extent of my tension until suddenly it was dissipated. I had been very depressive and unhappy the preceding week, but hearing that sweet little sound made it all melt away. 150s-160s with good variability, yay!

Last week was hard again, with heartburn taking over for nausea. The morning sickness took a break but man oh man, honestly there are times I wish for it back. At least I usually throw up once and then feel better. The heartburn is the gift that keeps on giving, and Tums or even baking soda water don’t always work.

What’s more, on Wednesday night Darwin threw up every 5-10 minutes for about 6 or 6 1/2 hours, and by Thursday evening (ya know, Christmas Eve) Rachel and I had it too. I have never been so sick in my life– it made morning sickness look like a walk in the park. I was terribly dehydrated by Friday morning, though the vomiting stopped by 4:30 am, and I was worried about the baby. Luckily I was able to keep some Recharge (hippie Gatorade) and water down on Friday, so I didn’t feel like I needed to go to the hospital– but it was a close one. Sheesh. I hope I never get that again. It was truly terrible.

I’m feeling MUCH better now (though, welcome back heartburn), and am still trying hard to keep my intake of fluids up to make sure Bumblebee is getting everything s/he needs. Also working on increasing my protein intake, since both of my midwives have emphasized that lack in my current diet. It’s incredible how difficult it is to get that much protein in one day though, especially as a vegetarian. I just don’t get hungry enough for 60-70 grams of protein to ever sound good. Oh well. MOAR EGGS. 😛

Finally, as promised, the update questions. If you’re interested in seeing these regularly, you can follow Rachel’s blog– it seems silly for me to reblog or copy them every time, since there is so much overlap in our followers, so let this be an encouragement for anyone who isn’t reading hers yet to head on over. She posts way more than I do, anyway. 😉

12 Weeks, posted a little late

Best moment of the week: The heartbeat. Hands down. I was all prepared not to hear it and then there it was! It was sort of exciting but also just… peaceful. Relaxing muscles i didn’t realize were tense.

Hardest moment of the week: The day I had the migraine and threw up twice after having thought I was done with the nausea. Or possibly the night I couldn’t sleep because of heartburn.

Nausea update: Nausea is way better. Vitamins still set it off if I don’t have enough on my stomach, and I’ve had a lot of heartburn that doesn’t respond well to antacids. Being more careful about my diet has seemed to help. Because I’m focusing on protein, I’m eating fewer simple carbs and junky stuff. I’ve also been really into vegetables again which I think helps decrease the acid in my stomach. I’m still more picky about food than I was pre-pregnancy but able to eat more varied and healthy foods.

Who has been the most excited of the people you’ve told so far? Pretty much everyone has been excited but I’m particularly enjoying sharing pregnancy with my sister who is 5 1/2 weeks ahead of me.

How does it feel to be done with the first trimester? Being done with the first trimester is amazing. I now know that there is in fact a baby in there, and as far as we can tell s/he is healthy. The risk of miscarriage is down to 1% and I’m not vomiting every day! Interestingly I seemed to have a little reprieve from the fatigue for a week or two but have started feeling it again especially in the afternoons. I’m hoping that the increased protein will help with that. I also need to get out and walk more but the weather has made that difficult. If I’m able to brave the rain and wind though, i think that might help the energy as well. Mostly I’m excited that I can even think about these things rather than just trying to get through the day.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to over the next week? Over the next week I’m excited about Christmas of course. I’m also excited about thinking of cute ways to announce my pregnancy on Facebook, and I’m even looking forward to hearing that our midwife has the right kind of test tube in for the A1C cause it means another chance to listen for the baby before our next formal prenatal appointment.

Annnnd here is how we announced the Bumblebee’s impending arrival on Facebook, on Christmas day (despite being otherwise unable to celebrate the holiday on time):



Happy New Year everybody! May it be joyful and full of love.


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    Hi! Its us! Commenting to say hi!! Yay blogs!! Yay Dar!!!


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