Why I write


I write because there are things that need to be said, words that need to be shared. Sometimes (frequently) it’s not that others need to hear (read) those words, but that I need to get them out. I am an external processor– I talk or write through my problems, questions, issues rather than work them out in my head before sharing. This can sometimes give the impression that I am flaky, or that I change my position a lot, but is in fact simply a part of my process and I like to think that it demonstrates an ability to take new information into account rather than sticking to an opinion simply because it is mine.

I write because it gives me the opportunity to consider my words before they become permanently public. I cannot take back the thing I said, but I can delete words from the page with the click of a button. I write to document and I write to consider and I write to share. I write because I am a scholar. I write because it comes easy as breath. I write because I have to.


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  1. Great post. Love the phrase “external processor.


    1. buggleboo says:

      Learned that one in a human relations facilitator training. I’m a low power distance external processor introvert. So many ways to describe myself! haha


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