Foodie Friday!

The Blogging 101 course that I’m in ends soon, one of the last assignments encouraged participants to create a regular feature for the blog. I’ve never been particularly good at remembering to come back to these themed events, but I’m willing to give it a go. Because 1. I love food and 2. I love alliteration, I decided to implement Foodie Friday.

Last week, my co-worker came in with a huge basket of zucchini and Walla Walla onions from her garden. I nabbed two zukes and an onion. The next day, I got more zucchini in my CSA delivery, and then I got even more in this week’s bundle. My co-worker brought in more yesterday, but I wisely declined. Still, I ended up with more zucchini than I know what to do with, and since I’m the only one at home right now, I went in search of recipes that went beyond zucchini bread.

Friends, what I found has changed my life.

This recipe for Corn and Zucchini Queso Chowder from the Southern Living website is to die for. I was a little unsure about soup in July, but it is so worth it. Seasonal veggies, including poblano and bell peppers in addition to the eponymous corn and zucchini made this feel summery even as it is warm and satisfying. It sticks with you in a way that gazpacho, for example, just doesn’t. [Don’t get me wrong, I love gazpacho, but I’m always hungry again within 30 minutes]. The combination of cheese and poblanos is reminiscent of the queso dips you eat with tortilla chips, but the flavors are so much more complex and interesting.

I didn’t have asadero cheese so I just used more cheddar. While I’m sure the asadero brings its own je ne sais quoi, I don’t feel like I was missing out since even just the one type of cheese left me in ecstasy. I am watching calories (though mostly I watch them go up up up) so I limited myself to one bowl, but I had a few spoonfuls right out of the pot as I was cleaning up the rest of the kitchen after dinner. I just couldn’t stop.

I took an Instagram picture of it. I couldn’t help myself. It’s supposed to have more color because it calls for red bell pepper but what I had on hand was purple, which loses its color when cooked.

Zucchini Corn and Queso Chowder
Zucchini Corn and Queso Chowder

It’s not heavy on the zucchini– the recipe makes about 11 cups of soup and only uses one good size zucchini– but it’s a recipe I will absolutely go back to again and again. If only my pepper plant will grow three more poblanos by next week, Rachel and Dar might get a taste, too! Now if you’ll excuse me, there are leftovers waiting.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice! We learn everyday, when we try 🙂 and the soup looks healthy + delicious.


  2. Lisa Carter says:

    Not only does that look good, but you described it so well that I’m now hungry! Hitting that link right now because I just have to have that recipe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. buggleboo says:

      I hope you like it as much as I did! Enjoy!


  3. simplystacy05 says:

    That looks tasty!

    Liked by 1 person

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