Today’s prompt from Blogging 101 is to write a post inspired by another blog. I’ve had a hard time feeling inspired the past few days, so this was good. There are so many delightful bloggers, posting so many wonderful things! And yet I still had a hard time getting myself to write, or even thinking of something to write about.

Then, I re-read this post from mamaduckdk, and realized I had what I needed.

Bug has been making so many developmental changes lately, it’s hard to keep up. She’s growing and learning and doing so much more than I was prepared for in such a short time. But perhaps my favorite thing– though I love that she can motor around on hands and one knee/one foot, that she’s saying actual words in that adorable baby talk that only her mamas can translate, that she’s making her wants and needs known– my favorite thing is that she’s been so. very. cuddly.

The best way to spend the afternoon!
The best way to spend the afternoon!

My snugabug has not always been snuggly with me. When she was tiny, she didn’t have much choice; I hugged her close and cuddled as hard as I could without worrying that I would squish her for good. Now that she’s older and can make her consent– or lack thereof– very clear, it’s been rare. She’s an active baby, an engaged baby, a bright, inquisitive, and always on the go almost toddler. But lately, she’s been cuddling me. I pick her up and she rests her head on my shoulder, just for a second, or sometimes for moments at a time. She wraps one chubby arm around my bicep and the other finds its way up into my hair, and she cuddles.

It’s the best feeling in the world. It alleviates all the stress and sadness and anxiety I have in other areas, and helps me keep my focus on what is really important. It’s all her.

Mum and Dar at the baseball game
Mum and Dar at the baseball game

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  1. A babies hugs/cuddles are the sweetest things ever. It speaks of love, trust, hope and so much more. Enjoy the squishing whilst you can because they grow up so fast.

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