10 months


MamaRae’s post for Darwin’s 10 month birthday. It’s beautifully done, so I won’t try to recreate the wheel. Can’t believe my little Bug is only 2 months shy of a year old!

Little Rainbow Bugs

Today my little tiny Bug is ten months old. She is currently (or was when I wrote this) sleeping peacefully beside me, completely unaware of this incredible fact. So much has happened developmentally over the past month it’s hard to remember! Thus, a list of ten interesting points.

image Sleeping in.

What 10 months looks like here:

20150710_0806481) Army crawl for about a week, then real, on all fours, motoring everywhere! This includes all over mamas, patient dogs, cats, and anything that looks like it might possibly contain water. Often she moves so much that getting a decent picture is impossible, so I have dozens of shots that are so cute, and so blurry.

Ready to walk! Ready to walk!

2) Wanting so much to walk, hence the hunched-over mamas with a death grip (hers not ours) on each hand, all around the house and anywhere she can convince us looks like there is no…

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