Things I’ve learned working in a law office


1. What’s funny at work is really boring anywhere else. No one else thinks that accidentally stamping an envelope  “Certified True Copy” is amusing at all.

2. The Court is really particular about procedure, but the law is extremely subjective. It’s a fascinating combination of cut and dry/by the book and crossing your fingers/hoping for the best.

3. Just because a county makes e-filing mandatory doesn’t mean opposing counsel will bother to add their email as a contact; thus the effort to keep everyone in the loop is doubled rather than anything being easier.

4. Dating every iteration of a document in a standardized YYYY.MM.DD format is way better than “Document1” “Document1Draft2 “Document1FINAL” “Document1USETHISONE.” This should be helpful when I go back to school in the fall.

5. I really don’t want to be a lawyer.


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  1. I started out studying Law and believe me, I have an idea what you are saying. It bored me, I only enjoyed reading the interesting cases 🙂

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  2. buggleboo says:

    I actually think I would like studying law more than I would like practicing it! And even then I don’t think law scholarship would be a good fit, either. It’s interesting sometimes, like you said, but not consistently enough that I’d want to devote my life to it. Plus, I imagine it gets incredibly frustrating!


  3. Number 4. Bahahaha. So true.


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