Seeking Clarity

Those of you who have read my earliest posts know that this blog was originally conceived with a sort of fitness + baby = blog scheme. I quickly dumped that idea, realizing it was in no way for me. Then, I focused more on my baby, and what I was going through as a first time parent. As I’ve posted more, there has been more of whatever I’m thinking about on a given day. I’m really trying to avoid this blog becoming a dumping ground for my random thoughts and musings, so I’m trying to find some focus.

I’ve noticed that the blogs I most enjoy are the ones that have a pretty clear theme, but aren’t afraid to talk about other things now and then. But I kind of think that “my baby” is too vague of a theme. My life is more than my baby, after all. My tag line says “Stories from a life.” Also pretty vague, and depends on people caring about my life enough already to want to read the stories on a regular basis.

I signed up for Blogging 101, and the first assignment is an introduction– who I am and why I’m here. It got me thinking about who I am, what I have to offer that might be useful in some way, or intriguing enough that strangers somewhere on the other side of an internet connection might want to read.

I am:

  • A mother. Non-gestational parent of a lovely 10 month old girl, variously called Bug, Buggle, Boo, or Darwin (her actual name). We do plan to have another child at some point, and if all goes according to plan, I will carry that baby.
  • A lesbian. My partner and I have been together for 12 years as of this summer. I usually refer to her as MamaRae, since that’s what we’re hoping the Bug will call her (I’m MamaLee), but she might also show up as Rachel.
  • A student. I finished my Master of Arts in Women Gender and Sexuality Studies in December, and am starting a PhD program in Anthropology in September. My focus is on maternity and birth.
  • A feminist, with ever-evolving political and social views. Always further left than most of the people around me though, and often more idealistic than pragmatic. I’m an ideas person, and less strong in the nuts and bolts, “let’s make a plan to make it happen” areas. I’m working on it.
  • A knitter. Since Buggle came into our lives, I’ve had a lot less time to knit, but it’s still part of my identity (yes, a hobby can be part of an identity!). Knitting has had a surprisingly strong effect on how I view and interact with the world, and even on the groups of people I spend time with.

So tell me, internet. What of the above seems interesting or useful to you? I’m not a specialized blogger, when it comes down to it, but I’m still pretty new at this. Now’s the time to tell me what works and what doesn’t, before I become entrenched in one way of doing things. I’m quite interested to get feedback, especially as I work through the Blogging 101 exercises. This is a blog, after all, not a journal. I do write to an audience, I’m just never entirely sure who that is! Please feel free to weigh in!

Until next time…


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  1. Why limit yourself? Everything you mentioned is what makes you who you are and it makes your writing unique and totally you. My theme for my blog is in my title. I have a wide range of likes and interests. I can’t just write about one thing for the rest of my life because like you my life is full of many different things. I say find a way to incorporate all things you and celebrate being you.

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  2. I think you have a wide and varied set of interests and experiences. Your life style will give you a slant that will differ from a lot of other people. I think you have a lot to offer and will be interested to read your posts. I linked to you because of blogging 101.

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  3. buggleboo says:

    Thank you both for your comments and encouragement! I wrote a follow up post, if you’re interested in following my thought process on this topic.


  4. Lemon Drop says:

    I wrote something similar a while back:

    I agree with others (and your follow-up). Write about what you want to write about. For you, for an audience, for the heck of it. Blogs evolve and that’s part of their beauty.

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    1. buggleboo says:

      Oh! Yes! That exactly! I actually think I may have read that post when I first started following your blog, it sounded familiar, but it didn’t resonate with me in the same way then as it does now. Thanks for pointing me back to it! 🙂


  5. marischep says:

    Each person has their own unique experience in life and often times what is considered ‘mundane’ to one is regarded as valueable knowledge to another!

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