Writing Day


The baby is napping, so I am taking some time to work on some writing– not blogging or journaling or creative writing, but academic writing. I’m working on creating an article for peer reviewed publication from my Master’s thesis. I should have been working on it for months already but somehow, between work and surgery and being a mama, time got away from me and I haven’t started yet. Apparently today’s the day. Wish me luck and good organization! 😉


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  1. Good luck, indeed!

    You have my entire sympathy. I hated getting a paper ready for publication. Ugh. Everybody hates dissertation defense, but I’d have endured a thousand defenses if I could have avoided the article to publish the results.


    1. buggleboo says:

      Thank you! I usually don’t mind writing– it’s one of my preferred tasks, honestly– but it’s hard to take something I’ve already written and turn it into something else! Especially something else that’s about a quarter the length of the original. Sheesh! (But I have to disagree, I would almost always rather write than present!)

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  2. I hear you. Cutting it from book length to a half-dozen pages. That’s exactly what drove me nuts.

    You craft a dissertation with all the petty formal dissertation requirements, then chop it all up to fit the journals’ petty formal requirements. Mine was set in LaTeX and I kept screwing up the formulas. Arrrrgghhhh.

    But it’s worth it. Really.

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    1. buggleboo says:

      I keep telling myself it will be, anyway…!

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