I’ve decided to rethink this blog and its purpose. The original idea i had was to chronicle my journey towards better fitness as it coincided with the growth of my baby. But only two posts in, i realized that i don’t like writing a fitness blog any more than i like reading them. A post here and there, sure, to pick up a new idea or think through a particular sticking point, but a whole blog about exercise? No thanks.

My biggest problem is that fitness blogs flatten people into just bodies. There might be a mental component but it’s always in relation to whipping the body into shape. Even the blogs that focus on fitness or health as opposed to weight loss always seem to conflate health with size, and I’m not into that. I believe health is an individual thing that can’t be generalized into a one size fits all approach (see what i did there?). So you might find me talking about my step goal or about Couch to 5k training (hereafter abbreviated C25K), but it’s not going to be the focus of my blog.

Overall, this will be about my adventures in parenting the Bug (sometimes referred to as Dar or Little Boo – not a reference to Orange is the New Black, btw), in getting my body ready to conceive a Sprout myself, confessions of a non gestational mama, the awesomeness of a two mama household, etc. I hope you’ll stick around. πŸ™‚



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  1. We’re on the same boat friend…getting ready to carry for the first time (NGP of twin boys that are 3 months old), working on me and my weight/health, and love talking about the journey my family is going through…excited to read about it in your perspective…it is a little different being the non-belly mama…

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  2. buggleboo says:

    First of all, hi! It’s so great to connect with other people who have families that look a little like mine! Secondly, I’m loving the term “non belly mama” and will have to incorporate it into my vocabulary. πŸ™‚
    Being the “other” mama has been a really interesting and sometimes difficult experience, as we had always planned that i would carry at least the first baby; for a while R wasn’t sure she wanted to carry at all, so it’s been a huge reframe for me. I’m finding myself very jealous in some ways, but I think it will all work out in the end. Besides, I wouldn’t trade the Bug for anything, so I can’t very well regret that things happened how they did. πŸ™‚ Thanks for reaching out!


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