Oh Dear! 2 months since my last (first!) post

Well now, I’m a bit behind, aren’t I? I certainly didn’t mean to take so long to write another post! Anyway, here I am, back in the saddle. Don’t worry though, just because I wasn’t writing doesn’t mean I’ve let up on the stepping!

I’ve had some great days for getting my steps in over the past two months since I wrote last. Our winters here in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) tend to be cool and rainy (“cool” can mean anywhere from the 30s to the 50s, with the occasional freeze or sometimes even snow!), but this year has been unusually mild both in terms of temperature and in terms of precipitation. I know this is concerning in the big picture sense, but I can’t pretend I haven’t enjoyed the unseasonably nice weather.

The sunny days and warmer weather have meant that Bug and I get lots of outdoors time. We often walk to the library, about a half mile from our house, with Bug in either a carrier (lately it’s been either the Ergo or the Maya) or in the stroller. It’s most often the stroller, since it has a carrying compartment underneath which is really handy to stash my library books! Bug enjoys the stroller, and it’s easier on my back– at 6 months old, she’s already broken 19 pounds, and 20 can’t be far behind!

Tonight, my Fitbit did its little dance (it vibrates and flashes when I meet my step goal) while I was bouncing the Bug to sleep. Sometimes I’m able to dance her to sleep or sway back and forth until she drifts off, but she’s cutting her upper teeth (#s 3 and 4) so she hasn’t been sleeping well. This means we have to pull out the big guns– the Exercise Ball. (I have no idea what brand it is but it’s something like this). The ball makes it easier to bounce while holding all 19.5 lbs of Baby Bug, and it works like a charm (usually). Now, I often take my Fitbit off while I’m trying to bounce the Bug to sleep because patting her butt rhythmically also helps, and the tracker counts the pats as steps since I pat with the hand on which I wear the band. When I’m not butt patting, though, I leave it on.  However, I’ve found that the tracker also counts each bounce of the exercise ball as a step. I’m torn on this one. It seems sort of like cheating, but at the same time, I’m using my lower body to maintain the bouncing motion, my legs and core to keep balance, plus I’m holding that heavy baby of mine.

So what do you think, Internet? Should I count it, take the tracker off while bouncing so it only counts true steps, or allow for the fact that the tracker is really only for my own reference, and decide that I get to make whatever rules I want? What would you do?


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